ESPN 30 for 30 Trailer: The Legend of Jimmy The Greek”

Apollo 13 autographed picture

One of my favorite stories of my father’s career, when asked to make the odds on whether the crew of the Apollo 13 would get home alive The Greek’s response was “I’m not gonna make odds on life or death, but I will say those guys would be the luckiest men ever born.” As a thank you for his tact, the crew sent this autographed picture to my father.

Signed ENGSTROM 1970 from The Greek’s Office

NFL Today Superbowl XXI Football, used on set during broadcasts

Dogs playing roulette mosaic from the earl 1970s Dunes Casino

Brent and The Greek break down the game on NFL today

The Greek at his favorite place in the world, the “nearest to me” track

Jimmy the Greek owns the winner!

Happy Birthday Greek on the set of NFL Today

1974 Toy-fair Aurora Games Promo

Delta Faucets Promo

Columbus Shocks Promo

NFL Today Gameday with Brent Musburger and Terry Bradshaw

“The Greek” on the set of NFL Today with Irv Cross

The Greek Knows

Leroy Neiman portrait, dated 2/17/81