About the Son

Growing up with Jimmy “The Greek” as my dad I have been involved with gambling all my life .I spent more time with my father at racetracks and stadiums than anywhere else .I started running bets for my father when i could barely see over a para-mutual window . I was an college athlete playing football and basketball ,having my eyes set on the pros but the planets did not align for me there .I played receiver ,tight end ,QB and safety in football and was a shooting guard in basketball which gave me great experience and insight into these sports . Plus i have coached basketball and baseball. I have been very involved with poker as long as i can remember and have been playing at a world class level for several years .
Career wise I have had a lot of different experiences .In my early 20s I became a qualified fine dining chef and was on the verge of opening my own restaurant but I caught the show biz bug and set out to NYC to pursue acting and work as model ( I was 180 pounds at the time :) .I lived out of a suitcase for three years traveling the fashion circuit between NYC ,Milan,Paris and South Beach .Having the need to be more self possessed I picked up a still camera and started taking pictures of my favorite thing in the world ,pretty girls.This is how i met the love of my life Sharon when as a 20 year old model she came to me for portfolio pictures .Twenty years later we have three boys Anthony (13) Jamison (9) and Cameron (5).I relocated back to New York City in 1991 and became involved in commercial advertising photography .I worked as a Producer and casting director for several years until I broke out on my own to shoot my own jobs .On September 11 ,2001 I was on assignment
Anthony “The Greek Jr” Snyder currently lives in Bergen County, New Jersey.

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